Galileo & Copernicus Innovation Challenge

Track 4: European Emergency Apps

When: 1 December 02:00pm – 3 December 12:30pm

Where: Paasitorni, Helsinki, Finland (EU Space Week venue)

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What is it all about?

The Galileo & Copernicus Innovation Challenge is a 48-hour hackathon hosted by the European Commission during the EU Space Week 2019.
Over the 48 hours, people aged 18+ of all skill levels will come together to share ideas, and create new and awesome apps! The prototypes to be developed during the hackathon shall be emergency apps that exploit Copernicus Earth observation data and Galileo’s improved positioning and timing information.

For example such an app could show location-based emergency alerts and guide citizens and/or emergency responders in case of natural or man-made disaster. Guidance from local authorities could be coordinated to guide citizens to safe shelters and indicate ways to request assistance. An app could support emergency responders in navigating on a safe route to their target location. An app could activate local communities to help each other and emergency units…

Hackathon Agenda

What do we look for?

The European space programmes offer data and services for many applications at the benefit of society without the need for rocket scientists. The Galileo & Copernicus Innovation Challenge will bring together anyone who wants to make a change with space data.

The best teams at Galileo & Copernicus Innovation Challenge Track 4 are made of people with different skills. It’s not only techies… creative, technical or simply enthusiastic – it’s you.

So, don’t be put off thinking you might not be “geeky” enough: You might be the one to turn your team’s idea from average to awesome!

If you are a software and mobile developer, graphic and interface designer, GNSS and EO expert, project manager or thematic expert for emergency response – you are the perfect fit!

Your Support

Don’t worry, you will be supported via webinars before the actual event. High-level EGNSS, Copernicus and emergency response experts, as well as business and design thinking coaches, will help you onsite.

Furthermore, a team from WEkEO DIAS will support you in accessing and processing EO data.

You don’t have a team?

No problem! Many people don’t have a team when they turn up to a hackathon. You will be able to meet people and network before the hacking begins.

How much does it cost?

Galileo & Copernicus Innovation Challenge is absolutely free! Sign up here!

Will there be food and drink?

Yes! We will provide all meals as well as light refreshments throughout the day. The food and drinks are available free of charge.

Where to sleep?

Participants are allowed to stay overnight at the venue on Sunday night and Monday night, so bring your sleeping bags (or anything similar if you think you will be napping at some point). We know some of you are not planning to sleep!

Your benefits?

– Visibility at Europe’s No. 1 space event
– Promotion of winning team via official EC communication channels
– Networking opportunities during and after hackathon
– Access to free cloud infrastructure provided by WEkEO and ONDA DIAS

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