General Assembly

This year the General Assembly of Copernicus Relays and Academy members will take place during the EU Space Week in Helsinki on the first day of the event.

General Assembly Agenda

The annual General Assembly of the Copernicus Networks is a pivotal moment that allows institutions, state representations, companies, and scientists to mingle, network, and attend informative sessions. Both Copernicus Academy and Relay members will have the opportunity to attend a series of plenary style lectures and breakaway training sessions.

This year the General Assembly format and content is fully prepared based on the expressed needs of the members. After analyzing the annual survey and conducting bilateral phone calls with all network members, the topics of both the lectures and the splinter sessions were identified.

Provided that this year the General Assembly is within the auspices of the EU Space Week 2019, it will also be open to new potential members. While the agenda of the event will remain tailored to the expectations of our current members, this year there will be a specific training session tailored to new potential members. During this session, all entities interested in joining the networks will have the opportunity to learn more about the advantages of being a member and the activities of both networks.

We are looking forward to seeing you on 03 December!